It all started as I was studying at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm I was asked to cover a few lessons at an evening school for a classmate of mine and the rest is history. I feel in love with teaching and seeing other people enjoy & progress and haven't stopped since. 

I trained and worked as a vocal coach since 2000 for several schools, corporations, celebrities (Eamon Walker, Nate James) and different types of classes (privately, night courses, after school courses, theatre events, auditions etc). I've been working in Sweden, UK, US, Gambia & Australia but with people of all ages, aims and musical knowledge.


Since moving to London I've developed my vocal coaching into 3 main directions; 1. Private lessons (in person or Skype), 2. Jazz & Beyond (a 2 hour workshop to explore where jazz could be today) and 3. Vocal Jazz workshop (an 8 week program for people who want to progress as singers). 

I've worked with organisations like Serious & London Jazz Festival teaching an array of people to sing jazz & 5 year olds how to scat sing, for Southbank Centre introducing Seniors to improvisation to Sonos giving their local community an idea of how improvisation can help you develop your sound and build confidence. 




You can choose to come and see me in Waterloo for private vocal lessons. The lessons lasts for 60 minutes and costs £45/lesson. Discount is given if you buy 5 or 10 lessons upfront (email me and we'll book that in).

You will explain what your vocal goals and wishes are and I'll talk you through how we can get there. You'll also provide me with a 5 song wish list 'song list' and I'll pick from your song choices a song that suits what we're working on technically to support and strengthen you.




     You get:

  • Physical warm up,
  • Vocal warm up schedule
  • Breathing exercises
  • Vocal technical exercises
  • Repertoire
  • Interpretation
  • Confidence
  • Understand your vocal situation and the immediate things you can do to improve it.

Get in touch to book or ask about taking a lesson at ceciliastalininfo@gmail.com 



Jazz & Beyond Vocal Jazz workshop is going from the foundations of swing to the modern jazz techniques. Expect to use your voice and ear in a light and playful way!

The workshop is something I put together for Sonos Studios London & Jazz Refreshed during the London Jazz Festival last year and it wanted to showcase the many sides of jazz. Having previously done vocal jazz workshops for Serious Big Sing and for Southbank Center the move to something that merged old school and more modern jazz was definitely something I wanted to further develop.  

The aim of the workshop is to showcase how you can break the conventions of the genre jazz and let your creativity be your guide for how you want to sound. I'll be working with a basic standard and showing what the possibilities are to put some fun and flair into singing & creating! 

Short schedule:

Introduction Cecilia

Vocal warm up

Introduction to jazz singing

Learn a song

Perform the song


If this is something your organisation/university thinks sounds interesting then feel free to email me on: 




DAYS: Once a week

TIMES: 7-9pm


TUTOR: Cecilia Stalin (+pianist TBC)

LOCATION: Waterloo 

FULL FEE: £190

AVAILABILITY: 10 students (to ensure a lot of individual singing)

This Vocal Jazz & Performance Workshop will teach you about performing jazz and it's styles, repertoire - teach you jazz songs, and get you introduced to swing feel and what jazz improvisation is. This workshop is perfect if you want to learn to build confidence, repertoire and give jazz singing a go! 

All classes will cover: Vocal warm ups, Breathing exercises, Phrasing and feel, Rhytmical exersices, Learning classic jazz repertoire, Performing last weeks songs with an accompanist. 

There is 3-4 different varieties of classes that I run: 

Vocal jazz  - where we look at the history of jazz and go though the different genres with all the elements that comes with that style from blues to swing to bossa nova to contemporary jazz. 

Vocal improvisation - where we will go over basic music theory, learn the different modes, dissect the harmony content behind each standard, get improvisation tips on how to keep your improvisation fresh. 

Vocal choir - here we'll learn some classic vocal jazz harmony standards, learn how to blend, listen and tune as a choir and also feature some solo singing with the choir as a backing. 

Vocal performance - this is where you bring in standards that you want to work on and improve to be able to perform them. We'll look at key, feel, style, interpretation and building a repertoire.