The Fika Session

Fika is a scandinavian ritual that involves coffee & a good long chat - it's all about communication, it takes you out of you everyday and gives you a minute to focus on what's in front of you - boldly and honestly. The fika sessions is all about connection, communication, quality & creativity!

It's the conversation you never get to have. We create a unique opportunity for both the artist, the brand and the audience to interact and explore during our sessions.

Step like a Giant Music is the instigator of this unique music session, spearheaded by contemporary jazz singer Cecilia Stalin (KOOP), wanting to create a connection between the artist, the participator and the brand. Each event features an industry topic that the curated panelists will speak about and the audience can react to or ask questions about. The event is constructed in a way to get the people talking with each other and exchange ideas. 

It's free and everyone is welcome to take part in this community event! Just sign up via our webpage: